The pupils in the Senior Classroom enjoyed a great day out to the Royal Breffni Crystal Maze near Kingscourt on Wednesday 2nd June 2021. We left the school at 9:15am, and when we arrived at the Crystal Maze we were met and welcomed by Damien who showed us where to leave our bags. We were divided into 3 groups and each group went off with its leader (Jessie, Keith and Aisha).

During the morning we tackled all sorts of physical, mental and skill challenges, as well as riddles which were placed all around the grounds. Completed challenges and correct answers earned the teams crystals. Our target was 90 crystals per team. We had a short break for a snack, then it was back to more challenges. After lunch, it was time for the River Walk – actually IN the river (don’t worry it wasn’t deep!). Some people even sat down and lay down in the water! After one final challenge at the river, it was back to the changing rooms to get into dry clothes.

Before we left, David and Damien announced that all the teams had earned over 100 crystals, so we were presented with the “Crystal Maze Trophy” to bring back to school. We all had a great day.

Have a look at the photos below to see some of the activities!