‘Lucky’ the kitten

‘Lucky’ the kitten

On the first morning back to school, our newest arrival was a tiny kitten which was found on the road. We couldn’t find its mother or its owner, so we decided to look after it. Its eyes were still closed so it was less than 9 days old.

We fed it warm milk every 3 hours from a syringe, and then we got a kitten feeding bottle for it. After a few days its eyes opened.


The kitten gradually got bigger and stronger. He drank more milk but he didn’t need to be fed as often. He even learned to hold his bottle with his little paws.


He loved to run around the classroom (when he was allowed out of his box!) Some of the children in the senior room took turns to feed him.

We were sad to say goodbye to Lucky but we were very glad to find a new home for him where he will be loved and cared for by his new owner.